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Carolina Readiness Supply - (Food / Food Storage)
Our focus at Carolina Readiness Supply is to keep our community informed on the "how to" of readiness planning while supplying quality goods and services to meet those needs. Whether it's an emergency preparedness situation or a camping/hiking trip, our freeze dried foods, water purifiers, lighting tools, first aid kits, or large selection of camping supplies will see you through. We look forward to meeting all your needs!
Mary's Heirloom Seeds - (Food / Food Storage)

Nu Harvest Foods - (Food / Food Storage)
When you need to feed your family, you don't need all the "fillers" others put in their freeze dried food products - side dishes (things you really don't need) that increase serving amounts, but also increase your costs. When you buy Freeze dried food, you want the most nutritious, most calories, most value for your money!
PackFresh USA - (Food / Food Storage)
Supplier of Dry-Packing products including Mylar bags and Oxygen obsorbers. Only a small number of their items are listed on our site. Look at their own website for a full list.
Thrive - Dehydrated Foods - (Food / Food Storage)
Wide range of dehydrated food products.
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